Cacyreus marshalli   Geranium Bronze

Cacyreus marshalli Cacyreus marshalli under1 Cacyreus marshalli under2

As the climate gets warmer some European butterflies are beginning to move north and this one was first seen in Britain in 1997 - the first new sighting for 80 years.

In Spain they were plentiful even in March and at first I thought they must be a day flying moth -until one settled very briefly. In Italy in September again they were plentiful sometimes on Perlagonium but mostly on Erigeron karvinskianus (Mexican Fleabane)

LHS: Perlagonium nr Cortijo Valverde, Andalucia, Spain 29th March RHS Argegno, Italy 17th Sept 2008

Added on 25th June 2008, updated 24th September 2008

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