Filipendula kamtschatica    Giant Meadowsweet I

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Re-directed to Filipendula camtschatica.

This very large plant was at first confused (by us) with Eupatorium cannabinum (Hemp Agrimony) as we zoomed past these roadside plants on the way to Cul Mor at 60 mph. Next day a closer inspection revealed this very large Filipendula which is occasionally recorded from country verges in these parts.

Filipendula kamtschatica has only occasionally escaped into the wild and mostly in Scotland with a very few records from England but none from Wales or Ireland.

Filipendula kamtschatica

Filipendula kamtschatica Giant Meadowsweet

Roadside near Dingwall, northern Scotland, 27th July 2009

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Filipendula kamtschatica large image

Roadside verge near Dingwall, northern Scotland, 27th July 2009, updated and re-directed 26th May 2012

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