Limonium humile   Lax-flowered Sea-lavender R DD N

Distinguishing this from L. vulgare is very tricky when they grow near each other. According to The Plant Crib it's very hard! Only with a microscope, practice and a study of the cross section and structure of both pollen and stigma can you be really sure. The two species (L. vulgare and L. humile) hybridise then there there is introgression (back-crossing) which gives every possible shape and size between the parents.

At this known site for L. humile, this one represents the most lax plant I could find but it is possible that it could be a hybrid with a high percentage of L. humile present.

It has a peculiar distribution with dense pockets in a few places in England and Wales of which Anglesey is one. It doesn't grow in Scotland but is much commoner in Ireland being dotted around 70% of the coast.

Rhosneigr marshes 3rd August 2006

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