Ophrys bornmuelleri ssp grandiflora   Wide-lipped Orchid

Ophrys bornmuelleri ssp grandiflora

Found in the woods on a hillside near the North Cyprus Herbarium. Fortunately they had specimens of most orchids in the herbarium so together with our orchid book for North Cyprus, we were able to distinguish this orchid from the other Ophrys bornmuelleri sub species. The English name: Wide-lipped Orchid was given in the Herbarium. This page is now redirected to a combined page as the two sub species (ssp grandiflora and ssp bornmuelleri) are regarded as the same plant: Ophrys fuciflora ssp bornmuelleri (M.Schulze) B.Willing & E.Willing

Wooded hills near North Cyprus Herbarium, 7th April 2004

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