Adenanthos cygnorum   Common Woollybush Endemic

Adenanthos cygnorum whole Adenanthos cygnorum close

This endemic evergreen shrub appears to have two English names: Common Woollybush which applies to A. cygnorum and Stick-in-Jug which applies to Adenanthos generally. It can be pollinated by insects, birds or even small marsupials and can grow to 3m although the ones we found were about 2m tall.

It is found in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

Adenanthos cygnorum

Adenanthos cygnorum Common Woollybush

Western Australia W. F. S. Tour: Foxes Lair Reserve, Near Narrogin, 6th September 2007

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Adenanthos cygnorum

W.A. Wild Flower Society Tour: Foxes Lair Reserve, Near Narrogin, Western Australia 16th September 2007

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