Alchemilla glomerulans   Lady's-mantle RR DDD N

Alchemiall glomerulans whole Alchemiall glomerulans leaf

This Alchemilla has medium sized leaves with rounded lobes which aren't so very different from others of that genus which too often surround it on the roadside verges. However it does have one feature which can help to distinguish it: the hairs are adpressed on the upper surface of the leaf and in the sunshine they glisten quite markedly.

The difficulty is not necessarily in finding it but knowing that you have found it amongst the Alchemilla filicaulis ssp vestita (smaller and bluer) and the A. xanthochlora (about the same size but hairy under the leaves).

This is a northern plant with this site being one of only two in northern England. It does not occur in Ireland, Wales or the rest of England. The majority of the records for this rarity are in northern Scotland.

Roadside verge near Garrigill, West Pennines near Teesdale 16th June 2008

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