Alchemilla monticola   Lady's-mantle RRR DDD N

Alchemilla monticola

This was not only a difficult plant to identify but very hard to find. Our guide for the Teesdale WFS trip had to pick Alchemilla monticola out from a verge where other Alchemilla sub species also grew amongst largely fresh green vegetation. The verge wasn't difficult to get at but the plant was so well hidden amongst the other plants that I doubt any of our party except the leader would be able find it again even if led to within a few metres of the right place.

The characteristics of this plant are again to be seen in the leaves. The colour has a bluish hue to it and the lobes are much more rounded than the Alchemilla acutiloba with which it grows.

Ignoring some pre war records for this plant in the south of England, all the British plants known today are found in Teesdale in England.

Roadside Verge in Teesdale 21st June 2005

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