Alliaria petiolata   Garlic-mustard CCC D N

Alliaria petiolata whole Alliaria petiolata close

This plant is one I look forward to seeing in early Spring. Its fresh green leaves spring up very quickly and soon result in masses of white flowers. In fact it so often grows at the bottom of countryside hedges that one of its other common names is Jack-by-the-Hedge. When it is about to flower the orange tip butterfly is usually seen flitting about. It lay its eggs on the fresh leaves near the top of a plant of Alliaria petiolata on which the caterpillars of this single brooded butterfly feed.

It is very common in England and Wales although less so in Scotland but even though it is very common I wouldn't classify it as a weed.

LHS Helsby Cheshire 19th April 2005   RHS Leasowe Dunes, Wirral 28th April 2006

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