Amaranthus hybridus   Green Amaranth I

Amaranthus hybridus whole Amaranthus hybridus close

Some of these Amaranthus species are very difficult to tell apart but the long tepals which are almost mucronate indicate that this is A. hybridus not A. retroflexus which can look very similar. These are aliens and in this case probably bird seed aliens. The evidence was that this spot on the canal bank is obviously one where the locals feed the birds and next to this plant was a fine specimen of Echinochloa crus-galli (Cockspur grass) also a bird seed alien.

This plant is from the Americas and is found fairly frequently in southern and south eastern England with records becoming scarcer as you go north. It is rarely found in Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Edge of Bridgewater canal near Lymm, Cheshire, 13th September 2009

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