Angelica razulii Endemic

Angelica razulii whole Angelica razulii sheath

This tall plant was similar to Angelica sylvestris in habit and shape but being all green it had none of the pinkish or purplish tinge which the British Isles Wild Angelica virtually always shows. The striped inflated sheaths and the much narrower leaflets are clues that it might be Angelica razulii which is endemic to the Pyrenees. The only complication is that the relatively new Plant List says that Angelica razulii is actually a synonym for Angelica sylvestris yet other databases not only show them as separate species but also have photographs of the differences.

Angelica razulii

Angelica razulii No English name

Near Soldeu, Andorra, 17th June 2012

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Angelica razulii No English name

Walk from Soldeu to Hotel Peretol, Andorra, 17th June 2012

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