Antennaria dioica   Mountain Everlasting C DD N

Antennaria dioica whole Antennaria dioica male image 1 Antennaria dioica female

Often found in hilly or mountainous regions, you can also find excellent plants near sea level on the north coast of Scotland or on The Burren. As the name suggests there are female and male flowers on separate plants. Although green on top, the underside of the leaf is distinctly tomentose (woolly).

A. dioica is extremely common in the north of Scotland and quite common in Ireland especially inn the west. It also occurs in England and Wales but records get fewer the further south you go.

Female Flowers: RHS and LHS: Lough Bunny, Burren 21st May 2005

Male flowers: Middle: Inchnadampf, Assynt, 19th June 2006

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