Anthyllis tetraphylla   Bladder Vetch

Anthyllis tetraphylla Anthyllis tetraphylla whole

Retracing our steps on a walk we'd done in Crete five years before, it was surprising how many more species I saw and photographed. This procumbent vetch was in several places at the side of the road and its inflated calyces stood out against the light brown earth.

On a dry river bed near Cortijo Valverde in Andalucia, Spain the following year there were quite a few of these plants in full flower.

Anthyllis tetraphylla

Anthyllis tetraphylla Bladder Vetch

Roadside verge near Ano Stallos, Crete 8th April 2007

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Dry river bed, Cortijoo Valverde, Spain 26th March 2008

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Anthyllis tetraphylla Anthyllis tetraphylla

LHS: Roadside verge near Ano Stallos, Crete 8th April 2007 RHS: Dry river bed, Spain 26th March 2008

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