Apium graveolens   Wild Celery C DD N

Apium graveolens

This plant was very widespread in this area a decade or so ago when there were many more damp areas and pools along this stretch of marshland close to the tidal part of the river Weaver. Now there are far fewer such temporary ponds and much of the area has dried out so A. graveolens has reduced in numbers to less than a tenth of its previous population. This plant is very young and stunted. Mature plants can be nearly 1 m tall.

The leaves are typical of Wild Celery and, if you break a bit off you can smell the celery too. Although found inland it is more often a coastal plant or one found near tidal estuaries. It is common in England and wales but rare in mid and Northern Scotland. In Ireland it is dotted around the coast.

Under M56 Frodsham, Cheshire 9th July 2005, updated 20th June 2014

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