Arnica montana   Arnica

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This was quite a common plant both at altitude in the Alps proper and in the woods near Pontresina where we stayed although at 1,700 metres above sea level the town of Pontresina is fairly high up itself. Many of the flowers seemed incomplete with one or two petals missing and since there was no obvious sign of attacks by pests it looks as though this aberration is typical.

It was interesting to find a plant, essences of which in liniments, ointments and in homoeopathic remedies have been used by many people of my acquaintance especially on mountain trips. It is used for curing bruises and sprains but the plant itself contains toxins which can cause internal bleeding if it were to be eaten in quantity. It is also reputed to be good applied as a gel to sufferers of osteoarthritis (must try some).


Arnica montana Arnica

Woods near Pontresina, Engadine, Switzerland, 7th July 2010

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Arnica montana Arnica

Woods near Pontresina, Engadine, Switzerland 7th July 2010

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