Asplenium obovatum   Lanceolate Spleenwort R DD N

Asplenium obovatum mature frond Asplenium obovatum sori Asplenium obovatum young frond

This fern has fronds which stay green in the winter and its sori are at the margins of the leaves. The picture on the right was taken in May has mostly young leaves unfolding and grows in cracks in rocks on the Sychnant pass above Conway. The one on the right was taken in June in Guernsey.

It is decidedly western in its distribution beings found commonly in Cornwall and Wales on the Lleyn but only rarely elsewhere. There are few records in Scotland and it is limited to the south in Ireland.

LHS and Mid: St. Saviours, Guernsey 20th June 2004 RHS: Sychnant pass, Near Conway 18th May 2004

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