Asplenium viride   Green Spleenwort C DD N

Asplenium viride

This little fern isn't difficult to find amongst the rocks in Snowdonia but is easily overlooked as the green central rib (rachis) is the main distinguishing feature from A. trichomanes. It has also been the subject of taxonomic messing. When I started botanising it was A. viride, then it changed to the grossly cumbersome Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum and now Professor Stace has signalled its return to the logical name we all once knew. Don't you just love taxonomists?

There are colonies of this plant in the mountains of Wales, the northern hills of England and in the west and north of Ireland but its stronghold is Scotland where it is common from the Grampians northwards.

Cwm Idwal 5th June 2007

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