Aster linosyris   Goldilocks Aster RRR DD N

Aster linosyris whole Aster linosyris close

This very late flowering plant used to be found in reasonable numbers on the Great Orme in North Wales where this picture was taken. It can be found still in flower in the last week of October for the last week WFS hunt but is much reduced because of the bungling of the local council.

In an effort to reduce the invading Cotoneaster escapes, the land was sprayed late in the year when the it was assumed that all significant plants had finished flowering. The main colony of Aster linosyris was destroyed and two years later only one two plants remained at this particular site. A. linosyris is now recovering from "conservation" at this site.

There are very few sites for this plant and this was one of the richest. The few that there are are dotted about in England and Wales with one in southern Scotland and none in Ireland.

The Great Orme, North Wales LHS: 13th September 2002 RHS: 15th September 2006

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