Blechnum cordatum   Chilean Hard-fern C DD I

Blechnum cordatum

We had finished our successful search for Simethis planifolia (The Kerry Lily) and had stopped temporarily to consult the map when we caught sight of an unusual fern which we thought was a Polypodium sp. Closer examination showed that the fronds were not opposite as in any Polypodium species so one of our group suggested it might be Blechnum cordatum a fern of which I had never seen or heard. It looked like the picture in the book which was good enough for me but to be sure we have had it verified by an expert.

This has escaped in only a few places in the British Isles but the greatest frequency of records are in the south west of England and Ireland.

Bank on Lambs Head, Ring of Kerry, Ireland 22nd May 2005

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