Buddleja davidii   Butterfly Bush DD I

Buddleja davidii

This is one of the most successful introductions/garden escapes in the UK. It likes waste places and rocky crevices and seems to be able to grow in any soil. Perhaps it doesn't arose such anti-alien plant feeling because it is such an insect attractant and, if it flowers at the right time, can be covered in butterflies such as Red Admirals, Tortoiseshells, Peacocks, Commas, various whites and Painted Ladies although blue butterflies don't seem to use it much.

Recently it has been suggested that the all embracing Buddleja davidii name might not be accurate and that sub species and varieties exist in the wild which would explain why some shrubs attract insects better than others.

It is found throughout England much of Ireland and Wales but less commonly in mid and northern Scotland.

Llandulas quarry 26th June 2005

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