Calandrinia remota Endemic

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On the way from the Kalbarri National Park where we found some of these plants growing the previous day, to Shark Bay there were several opportunities to look for plants in the roadside bush. Calandrinia remota with its succulent reddish leaves was quite common in small numbers but it can, like the famous everlasting flowers, appear in huge carpets of deep pink in some years. It does not have an official English name but some nurseries and garden web sites call it Broad-leaved Parakeelya even though this name is also attributed to Calandrinia balonensis.

Calandrinia remota is found from the region around Geraldton and then further north around Shark Bay and beyond as well as dotted about inland but it does not occur as far south as Perth or the main Wheatbelt

Calandrinia remota

Calandrinia remota No English name

North West Highway verge near Billabong roadhouse 3rd September 2012

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Calandrinia remota No English name

Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia 2nd September 2012

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