Calothamnus quadrifidus   Common Net Bush Endemic

Calothamnus quadrifidus whole Calothamnus quadrifidus

The genus name of this shrub translates as Beautiful Shrub which perfectly describes an endemic species which you'd have as a garden plant without hesitation. We found it in quite different sites. First on the Badgingarra Reserve which is on the coastal plain and again as part of the Western Australian Wild Flower Society's 2007 tour much further south inland at the granitic Sandford Rocks in the wheatbelt.

Calothamnus quadrifidus

Calothamnus quadrifidus Common Net Bush

W.A. W.F.S. Tour: Sandford Rocks 14th Sept 2007

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Calothamnus quadrifidus

LHS: Badgingarra Reserve 8th Sept RHS: Sandford Rocks 14th Sept 2007

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