Calystegia silvatica   Large Bindweed D I

Calystegia silvatica

This introduced plant from Southern Europe has taken ownership of many countryside hedges. Its very large flowers sometimes 10 cm or more across, are to be seen throughout the summer - you simply can't miss them. The inflated bracteoles are supposed to be the distinguishing feature from C. sepium but what is not often mentioned is that the flowers on C silvatica are much very larger and showier. On of the old country names of this plant in Somerset was Morning Glory and this group of plants together with the Blue Ipomoeas (pupurea) are still known by that name in the States.

It is found throughout England and Wales with records thinning out as you go north into Scotland. It is found throughout ireland but not as often as England and Wales.

What I often wonder is why the name is C. silvatica and not C. sylvatica?

Cheshire 24th September 2004

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