Carex x pseudoaxillaris   Hybrid Sedge C DD N

Craex x pseudoaxillaris

This is the hybrid between Carex otrubae (False Fox-sedge) and Carex remota (Remote Sedge) and one which I walked right passed on our visit to this interesting part of the Sefton Coast. It doesn't look at all like Carex remota but would not really be confused with Carex otrubae either. If anything, a first glance might suggest this was not a hybrid at all but a slightly odd looking Carex disticha (Brown Sedge) which is abundant in this area. Fortunately for us experts from BSBI had previously determined its identity.

Both parents are very common in this part of the UK with the hybrid being found much more frequently in the south of England.

Carex arenaria
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The Green Beach, Sefton Coast near Southport, Lancashire 27th June 2007

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