Centaurea nigrescens   Tyrol Knapweed

Ceantaurea nigrescens whole Ceantaurea nigrescens close

Taken in gloomy conditions, all the photographs of this plant are somewhat grainy and lack the detail necessary for a definite identification. However the shape of the leaves, flowers, distribution and other features suggest tht it could be one of the six subspecies of Centaurea nigrescens which is a a very variable taxon found mostly in southern Europe. It is also known as Vochin Knapweed and Short-fringed Knapweed. It is an invasive plant in some states of the the United Sates of America.


Centaurea nigrescens

Centaurea nigrescens Tyrol Knapweed

Lezzeno town, Italy 10th September 2008

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Centaurea nigrescens Tyrol Knapweed

Near Lezzeno, Italy 17th Sepetmber 2008

Added on 19th November 2008, updated 11th March 2010, corrected from C. jacea to nigrescens 16th March 2013

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