Cerastium fontanum   Common Mouse-ear CCC DD N

Cerastium fontanum whole Cerastium fontanum

I've never really got to grips with the sub-species of Common Mouse-ear but I think that this one is ssp vulgare. This is another of those plants which has suffered at the hand of taxonomists and in this case in the most infuriating way. Common Mouse-ear was Cerastium fontanum when I started botanising, changed for a good while to Cerastium holosteoides and now, hey presto is Cerastium fontanum again but with sub species. The English name remained unchanged.

This plant is found in all parts of the British Isles and Ireland.

LHS: Great Orme 8th May 2008 RHS: Frodsham marshes 4th October 2004

Added on December 6th 2004, updated 27th November 2008, updated 12th March 2010

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