Coincya monensis ssp monensis   Isle of Man Cabbage RR DD N Endemic

Coincya monensis ssp monensis Coincya monensis ssp monensis lvs

This is another of those very similar yellow crucifers which you really can't identify using the flowers. The fruits of crucifers are often used as a definitive characteristic but again the long thin pods of Coincya monensis ssp monensis are too similar to some others to provide much of a differentiating clue.

Fortunately the very distinctive lobed leaves which are somewhat greyish green in appearance make it distinguishable from other yellow crucifers. This rarity is also one of our very few endemic species in these islands and is found on western English coasts (and the Isle of Man of course) in Cheshire, Cumbria and Lancashire, on the Gower in Wales and in Southern Scotland in South Ayrshire but few places elsewhere. It doesn't grow in Ireland.

Leasowe dunes, Wirral, Merseyside 13th August 2006

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