Corylus avellana   Hazel CC DD N

Corylus avellana catkin Corylus avellana female Corylus avellana fruit

This is one of those very early spring flowering shrubs you always look forward to finding. Even as early as January the catkins (left: male flowers) start to show and if you look carefully, a little later on the small (less than 1 cm in length) red female flowers (centre) become obvious on some trees. Pollen is dispersed from catkins to female flowers by the wind rather than insects and so the plant is said to be anemophilous.

Much later in July or August the fruits (Hazel nuts) will be there to see if the squirrels haven't got to them first. Apart from the very highest mountains in Scotland this tree is found everywhere in the British Isles.

Flowers: Male Cilygroeslwyd 10th Feb 2002, Female: Craig Fawr 21st Feb 2007 Nuts: Gaitbarrows 20th July 2004

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