Cotoneaster frigidus   Tree Cotoneaster DD I

Cotoneaster frigidus flower Cotoneaster frigidus leaves Cotoneaster frigidus fruit

This is an introduced species originating in the Himalayas but which has become naturalised all over the British Isles. It is commonest in the Dorset and London areas but some is to be found in Wales, Ireland and Scotland too. Like many of this genus it helps to have an expert to hand who either knows the plant or has had it identified already and that was the case on both the WFS meeting in South London and our later trip to Sussex.

This plant has become naturalised in various places in England and Wales but is restricted mostly to the north in Ireland and a few places in Scotland.

LHS and Mid: Friston Forest Sussex 8th July 07 RHS:Howells Hill nature reserve 2nd July 2006

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