Cotoneaster marginatus   Fringed Cotoneaster I

Cotoneaster marginatus fruit Cotoneaster marginatus flower

This is an introduction from the Himalayas like so many of our naturalised Cotoneasters. The leaves have a distinct fringe of hairs at the edge (see large photo) which is most obvious in Spring.

It is naturalised in very few places in the UK the site where this one was found, another nearby and just another six sites in Scotland Wales and England with none in Ireland.

Cotoneaster marginatus

Cotoneaster marginatus Fringed Cotoneaster

Llandulas quarry, North Wales 3rd May 2012

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Cotoneaster marginatus Fringed Cotoneaster

Llandulas Quarry LHS: 29th June 2007 RHS: 1st July 2008

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