Crepis biennis   Rough Hawk's-beard R DD N

Crepis biennis Crepis biennis Crepis biennis

This is one of quite a few tall yellow composites which can easily be confused. At this time of year both Crepis capillaris (Smooth Hawk's-beard) and Crepis vesicaria (Beaked Hawk's-beard) are flowering. The seeds (achenes) need to be examined to be sure of a correct identification. The plants at this site were very healthy with some well over 1 metre tall.

Crepis biennis seems to be common in England according to BSBI even though Stace thrid edition says this is a rarity It is fairly common in Ireland but parts of Wales and most of Scotland have very few sites.

Banks of River Mersey, Didsbury near Manchester, 3rd May 2007

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