Crepis paludosa   Marsh Hawks's-beard C DD N

Crepis paludosa

This plant which looks at first sight like so many of the yellow composites, has a strange distribution. It is virtually unknown in the South of England (south of about Stoke-on-Trent) but is ubiquitous in the North of England and Scotland. "The plant prefers marshy ground" is what you read in many books but according to the distribution that would make most of Scotland a swamp.

As with many of the yellow composites it is best to take a reference book to the plant to check leaves (clasping stem or not), phyllaries (sticky-out bits round the sepals and flowerhead) and often the fruit (beaked or not). Personally I prefer it when the expert botanists accompanying our trip simply say:

"Oh look there' s Crepis paludosa".

Much easier.

Bowlees quarry, Teesdale 21st June 2005

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