Dactylorhiza purpurella   Northern Marsh-orchid C DD N

Dactylorhiza purpurella whole Dactylorhiza purpurella close

The British orchids which live in marshy ground like this one aren't particularly difficult to find but they are quite variable and difficult to identify sometimes. This one tends to grow, as its name suggest in the North of the island by which we mean Scotland where Southern Marsh Orchid (D. praetermissa) would be a rarity. It also is found in western Wales and northern Ireland.

It is usually like the one in the photo with few markings discernable at first glance. In the North West of England and North Wales we find both Northern and Southern marsh orchids so familiarity with the variations between is essential.

LHS: Newborough Warren, Anglesey 16th June 2004 RHS: Nob End, Bolton 12th June 2006

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