Daphne laureola   Spurge Laurel C DD N

Daphne laureola Daphne laureola close

This is a much commoner and large shrub than its cousin D. mezereon. In addition it has luxurious green leaves as well as greeny-yellow flowers so is quite different in flower in appearance from the " naked" D. mezereum. It too grows in thickets in calcareous woodland but can easily be seen from a distance as its green leaves show through the leafless trees and shrubs.

D. laureola is found in most parts of England but not much in mid Wales. As you go north records decrease but there remains a good population on the south east coast of Scotland. There is a little in Ireland but mostly in the north.

LHS: Cressbrookdale 18th March 2005 RHS Arnside 15th April 2006

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