Datura ferox   Angels'-trumpets C DD I

Datura ferox flower Datura ferox fruit Datura ferox ripe fruit

This is an Asian introduction which is supposed to be a wool alien according to Stace. It differs from the commoner and better known Datura stramonium (Thorn Apple) in that the flower which is usually white, is smaller. But better for identification, the thorns on the fruits are fewer, stouter and of unequal length.

This plant grew among Datura stramonium and at first I was puzzled why the parent plants from last year should produce flowers of different colours (This one is white but the flowers on D. stramonium were purplish and twice the size). It wasn't until the fruit formed that it became clear that both Thorn Apples were growing side by side.

This plant is found mainly in the south of England with frequency of sites dropping off rapidly beyond the midlands. There is little in Wales and only none in Ireland or Scotland. It is much rarer than D. stramonium.

Cheshire field, 17th September 2006 and 17th January 2006 (Ripe fruit)

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