Dianthus deltoides   Maiden Pink R DD N

Dianthus deltoides whole Dianthus deltoides close

Many of the pink family are quite uncommon or rare and this one is rare nationally. In North Wales this exquisite little flower can be seen on the Deganwy hills near Llandudno and at Newborough Warren where mostly you find a patch of two or three together. There is also at least one colony of a hundred or so - at least there was until the Wardens recently changed the fencing around the inner dunes and put this big patch at risk. Perhaps they didn't know it was there but it is certainly more vulnerable now.

D. deltoides has been recorded from many sites in Scotland, England and Wales in the past but not so many recently. It is less likely to be found in western Scotland and is rare in Ireland.

LHS: Newborough Warren, Anglesey, 13th August 2001 RHS: Breckland 13th July 2003

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