Drosera x obovata   Obovate Sundew C DDD N

Drosera x obovata

This is the hybrid between Drosera rotundifolia (Round-leaved Sundew) and Drosera anglica (Great Sundew) and has intermediate characters but is sterile and has a flower stalk which rises from the centre of the plant. The leaves are often as oblong or even longer then in D. anglica but most are held nearer the ground like D. rotundifolia (the plant in this photo is not a good example of that characteristic).

There are a few sites for this plant in southern England around south Hampshire and Dorset but otherwise they are very few in England, Wales or Ireland. The main population is in the north west of Scotland and on the Hebridean islands where it is not uncommon.

Bog near Godlingston Heath, Dorset 5th September 2010

Added on 11th September 2010

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