Dryandra lindleyana   Couch Honeypot Endemic

Dryandra (Banksia) lindleyana

D. lindleyana flowers at the base of the plant and so there is a certain amount of scrabbling about in the undergrowth to see the actual flower and even then it's surrounded by leaf litter.

This name of this plant has suffered from the transfer to Banksia of the Dryandra genus. A Banksia lindelyana (Porcupine Banksia) a rarer plant which only grows north of Geraldton and looks nothing like Dryandra lindleyana, already existed so the species name as well as the genus had to be changed.

So Dryandra lindleyana is now known as Banksia dallanneyi - obvious really. When in doubt use the common name in the search engine as taxonomists aren't allowed to mess with them.

W.A. Wild Flower Society 2007 tour: Jarrah Forest before SW Highway 16th September 2008

Added on 14th December 2008, updated 28th March 2010

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