Dryopteris affinis ssp affinis   Scaly Male-fern C DD N

Dryopteris affinis whole Dryopteris affinis frond

There may be as many as six sub species in the Dryopteris affinis group but so far only three have been satisfactorily characterised. Fortunately for us on out botanical expedition in Teesdale this one had already been determined (right photo) and the one on the left is included to show the scaly nature of the rachis (main stem from which leaflets grow).

D. affinis ssp affinis is found throughout the British Isles and Ireland with heavy concentrations of records in the south west and north east of England and south Wales. It is dotted about throughout Scotland and Ireland.

LHS: Bottom of Cronkley Fell 22nd June 2005, RHS: Garden 1st May 2005

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