Echinops bannaticus   Blue Globe-thistle C DD I

Echinops bannaticus whole Echinops bannaticus flower

This patch has been known in Crosby dunes for some time and has been identified by good botanists. It is thoroughly naturalised at this site and if anything is spreading. It is the commonest Echinops species naturalised in the British Isles.

E. bannaticus is originally from south eastern Europe but has established itself in southern England, the midlands and north western England. It is dotted here and there in Scotland and Wales but is rare in Ireland.

Echinops bannaticus

Echinops bannaticus Blue Globe Thistle

Crosby Dunes, Sefton coast, Merseyside, Sefton coast near Crosby, 21st August 2009

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Echinops bannaticus

Sefton coast near Crosby, 21st August 2009

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