Elytrigia atherica   Sea Couch C DD N

Elytrigia atherica whole Elytrigia atherica close

Elytrigia atherica growns in similar places to Elytrigia juncea (Sand Couch) with which it can be confused and both were growing at this site. E. juncea tends to be lower growing and the stems often lie parallel to the ground where E. atherica can be much taller and upright.

E. atherica is common around the coasts of England, Wales and southern Ireland but there are only a few site sin soutern Scotland.

Elytrigia atherica

Elytrigia atherica Sea Couch

Oxwich Dunes, Gower , 9th July 2009

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Elytrigia atherica

Oxwich Dunes, Gower, 9th July 2009

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