Erigeron borealis   Alpine Fleabane RRR DDD N

Erigeron borealis whole Erigeron borealis close

I rarely fail to find this very rare plant on one of the Ben Lawers Corrie ledges, usually about eight to ten feet off the ground. Sometimes bad weather knocks them of their perches and they fall to the base of the cliff.  Like many rarities they aren't too obvious though and you have to look carefully before you see the first one. It's always worth the long haul to see such plants on what must be one of the best natural rockeries in the world.

In 2005 the day was hot and sunny in fact the very opposite of typical Ben Lawers weather. This time the Erigeron borealis was fully out - I'm not sure I had ever seen it like this before.

E. borealis is one of our rarest plants and can only be found on a very few mountain tops in central Scotland.

Ben Lawers Corrie, LHS: 11th July 2005 RHS: 1st August 2004

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