Erigeron karvinskianus   Mexican Fleabane C DD I

Erigeron karvinskianus

In the built-up areas of Guernsey (i.e. most of it) there are many walled properties. Growing out of those walls all over the island is this very pretty introduced plant Mexican Fleabane. You can often find it in the south of England and on the Great Orme in North Wales where it seems to flower all year round. On Guernsey it so common it can be regarded as a "wall-weed".

E. karvinskianus is a well established introduction in southern England and it is scattered also through Wales, east Anglia and to a lesser extent northern England. In Ireland it is found mostly in the east but is rarely recorded in Scotland even in the south.

Wall in St Martins, Guernsey, 22nd June 2004

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