Eriocaulon aquaticum   Pipewort R D N

Eriocaulon aquaticum

There are several pools on the left of the road a little way up the A863 from Sligachan to Drynoch where the Pipewort grows in good numbers. It flowers late and continues for some time. Scanned photos are never as good as you would like so if you want to see a really good photo of this plant then try Carl Farmer's site: Skye Flora.

There is a little of this plant to be found in the west of Scotland on the islands as this one was as well as a couple of sites inland but otherwise there is none recorded from the rest of Scotland, England or Wales. It is most commonly found in the west of Ireland in the Galway area as well as further north and in the far south west.

Scanned from a slide image taken at Sligachan, Skye, 18th July 1997

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