Euonymus europaeus   Spindle C DD N

Euonymus europaeus close Euonymus europaeus unripe fruit

In flower this is an inconspicious shrub with greenish flowers easily missed. It tends to prefer neutral or basic soils and will invariably be found in a hedgerow somewhere in a limestone area. The unripe fruits (shown here) are also unremrakable but when ripe they change. The ripe fruits usually seen later in summer are a combination of bright orange and shocking pink and are one of the finest examples of a violent colour clash you'll ever see in nature.

E. europeaus is found all over England, Wales and Ireland and is not uncommon in southern Scotland. It is rarely recorded from central and northern Scotland.

LHS: Cilygroeslwyd 30th May 2005 RHS: Gaitbarrows 27th April 2004

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