Eupatorium cannabinum   Hemp Agrimony CC DD N

Eupatorium cannabinum whole Eupatorium cannabinum close

This fairly common plant of the late summer was once used as a herbal remeby for coughs, colds and for obstructions of the urine. It is a fairly tall herb which can compete with the more vigorous plants typical of our enriched verges and grasslands. I find it as much on basic as on acidic soils but it seems to prefer boggy or damp ground.

E. cannabinum is very common throughout England, Wales, Ireland. In Scotland it is only common at the western, south eastern coastal regions and around Inverness. It is uncommon in the hilly central and northern regions.

LHS: banks of Cefni Reservoir, Anglesey 3rd August 2006 RHS: Gaitbarrows 20th July 2004

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