Festuca longifolia   Blue Fescue RR DD N

Festuca longifolia whole Festuca longifolia close

This grass is somewhat glaucous but compared with the truly glaucous Poa glauca (Glaucous Meadow-grass) or the beautiful blue in the leaves of Mertensia maritima (Oyster plant), it is not immediately obvious that this Festuca is so much "bluer" than say F. ovina (Sheep's Fescue). There was only a little of this grass amongst the many stands of Phleum phleoides on the dry Breckland verge where we found it and in truth, apart from its moderate glaucousness, you would probably wouldn't give this plant a second glance.

F. longifolia is dotted sparsely around southern England with a small concentration in east Anglia. there is none in Wales, little in Scotland and none in Ireland.

Breckland June 18th 2005

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