Ficaria verna ssp fertilis   Lesser Celendine CCC D N

Ranunculus ficaria by stream Ranunculus ficaria whole

This is one of those cheery early spring plants which cover the roadside verges, banks and streamsides in March and April. There are two common sub-species and this one is probably ssp fertilis. The other, ssp verna, tends to have fewer flowers and has tiny bulbils in the leaf axils. There is more of the ssp verna about than I reckon is recorded. This plant flowers earlier and earlier these days and there is a colony in Cheshire which has had one flower in December in consecutive years and twice in November but always has a few by January.

This plant was known as Ranunuclus ficaria ssp ficaria and is found throughout the British Isles but the name was changed back to its orginal name: Ficaria verna ssp fertilis in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace. The type sub species is now Ficaria verna ssp verna and corresponds to what we knew as Ranunculus ficaria ssp bulbilifer.

Ficaria verna ssp fertilis

Ficaria verna ssp fertilis Lesser Celandine

Laneside verge, Cheshire 18th April 2010

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Ficaria verna ssp fertilis Lesser Celandine

LHS: By stream Cheshire, RHS: Laneside verge, heshire 18th April 2010

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