Fumaria capreolata ssp capreolata  White Ramping-fumitory RR DD N

Fumaria capreolata Fumaria capreolata

As with many other plants we found in the Channel islands, the plant on the left was growing out of a wall near a busy road. There are two sub species and although this this one appears (to my untrained eye) to be nearest to ssp babbingtonii only the very rare ssp capreolata is found in the Channel Islands.

F. capreolata ssp babbingtonii is mostly found in south west England although there are records here and there in east Anglia and wales too. There is a little in the Inverness area of Scotland and in the far south of Ireland.

F. capreolata ssp capreolata is found on only twelve sites on mainland Britain including four in Wales and three in Scotland but most records are from the Channel Islands. This sub species is the common one on the continent of Europe.

LHS: Bordeaux, Guernsey 18th June 2004 RHS: St Saviours 16th April 2005

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