Galeopsis tetrahit   Common Hemp Nettle CC DD N

Galeopsis tetrahit whole Galeopsis tetrahit close

This is a late flowering member of the nettle family which grows on waysides and verges and quite often in the deep shade. It is very variable in height but can easily reach 1 m. The flowers vary hugely in colour and marking but the pink ones remind you a little of Lamium hybridum (Cut-leaved Dead-nettle) or Lamium amplexicaule (Henbit Dead-nettle) which usually flower in Spring. The spiky and and prominent dark calyxes are a distinctive feature. It is not easy to separate this species from G. bifida but most texts refer lower petal which is supposed to be flat with no notch, not revolute and the markings of which cover only the central part of the petal.

G. tetrahit is found throughout England, Wales and most of Scotland except for the high ground. It is less common Ireland but found throughout.

Edge of field at Newtonmore Scotland 19th July 2008

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