Galium sterneri   Limestone Bedstraw C DD N

Galium sterneri

This is a fairly low growing bedstraw with small flowers which tends to form mats rather than clumps or tufts. It isn't a lot different from Galium saxatile(Heath Bedstraw) but G. sterneri grows only on basic soils particularly limestone and G. saxatile definitely prefers neutral or acidic soils. The two never seem to grow in the same habitat.

Apart from a pocket in the Brecon Beacons of south Wales, G. sterneri has a northern preference. There are significant concentrations along the spine of Great Britain from the limestone dales of Derbyshire, to the northern Pennines, the southern uplands, the basic soils of central Scotland even up to the various Orkney islands. Predictably the majority of records in Ireland come from the limestone of The Burren in County Clare.

On sugar limestone at summit of Cronkley fell 22nd June 2005

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